There is a wonderful new range of designs and prints coming soon ! (I promise) with lots of gorgeous new colours too.

Brilliant Tress Collective is about you – celebrating those special things that make you different.

You love classic interiors; but must have loud music echo thru the rooms.

Lusting after a gorgeous pair of shoes that happen to bring out the colors in your tattoo.

You dream about travelling thru spice markets in exotic countries whilst you cook up something fabulous at home

An eclectic touch that shouts your name and mine.

Love Brilliant Trees Collective xx

My name is Justine Goss and I am based in Brisbane, Australia with a lifelong interest in all things creative; art, colour, interiors, food, fashion, music plus about a trillion other things!

I design and print a range of home-wares that are a little bit different! All items are designed and printed in Brisbane, Australia. My designs are a little bit Rock’n'roll, a little bit Retro with a splash of Graphics and Luxe thrown in.

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